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“Tell a man by his shoes,” the saying holds right even after ages dawning on time. We believe that Shoes are most certainly a Gentleman’s Accomplice. Baako Presents All-time Classics Revisited in a Contemporary Fashion with an exquisite range of Hand Painted Shoes, Semi-Formal Shoe Buddies and some Casual Sneaker Indulgences. Crafted out of pure leather, they connote high end style and superior comfort
Shoes are an obsession to women, they say. We say, why not? After all, she regards them as an Extension to herself. Baako Presents an Ethereal Collection for the Divas who look for a Personality in their shoes. From Fabulous High Heels to some Comfort Casuals, Baako has it all. From Glitterati Parties to Office Corridors, Walk your Way in Style.
“Because the Little Feet Need the Most Care.” Baako is sensitive to the tender feet’s need for the Right Shoe. That is why, we don’t make Shoes, we create Feet Care. The shoes, loaded with therapeutic features, offers superior care, grip, space and maneuverability. The supreme leather quality and the sophisticated design nurture and nurse the feet.